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Greenwich Pizza Franchise

Partnering with Greenwich Even prior to its acquisition by Jollibee Foods Corporation, Greenwich was already a viable and sought-after franchise for aggressive businessmen and entrepreneurs. With its core value of quality food and service consumers have enjoyed through the years, it has allowed Greenwich to grow to be the market leader and establish its position as a stable and profitable franchise.

Greenwich believes that franchisees are not solely isolated investors; but rather, valuable business partners who are integral to the Greenwich family. Thus, a franchisee’s gain is the gain of the whole Greenwich system.

Although financial capacity is an essential for potential franchisees, it is not the only consideration. Each franchisee must also possess a successful track record, solid entrepreneurial spirit, strong leadership, belief in the same corporate values of the company, and a willingness and ability to devote time to learn and manage the business.

Partnering with Greenwich As part of the Greenwich family, the franchisee and his/her team is given access to numerous support systems that include manpower training and development, marketing and advertising programs, product development, logistical network, operational support and others in order to enhance his/her success. These support systems work to ensure that the franchisee and his/her whole team are equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to further improve their store’s performance, as well as to refresh them on the company’s standards, systems and procedures.

During the whole term of the franchise, occasional store visits are to be expected from the company’s operations team. These visits are geared towards providing guidance and recommendations to the store team in order to ensure quality, high FSC and customer satisfaction.


1. How much investment is involved in a Greenwich franchise?
The investment is approximately Php7-10 million. This includes the franchisee fee, construction, equipment, furniture, fixtures and working capital. The franchise fee alone is Php 800,000 inclusive of VAT.

2. Who selects the site?
The franchise applicant shall make the intial selection of the site, which is then subject to approval by Greenwich.

3. How does Greenwich approve the site?
Site assessments are conducted by Greenwich to study the viability of the applicant’s site. Basis shall be sales potential, technical viability and image.

4. What is the usual term of the franchise contract?
A Greenwich franchise contract covers 10 years.

5. In how many years do we attain ROI and Payback?
Payback per site varies, depending on many factors including, but not limited to sales, rental cost, investment and operating efficiency. In general, this would be about 2-4 years.

6. Do franchisees receive training on store operating systems?
Yes, our franchisees are given a training program that will enable them to operate their stores in accordance with the system and standards set by Greenwich. It is a two-month program which involves classroom courses, seminars and hands-on work in an existing store.

Contact details:

Greenwich Pizza Corporation
34/F Jollibee Plaza Bldg.  San Miguel Avenue,
Ortigas Center, Pasig City
Tel: 634-1111 loc 4610-11

updated: 072208

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