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I Dolls Animaland Franchise

Frequently Ask Questions

I. How much is my initial investment?
The Franchisee is expected to have an initial outlay of about P355,000. This includes the franchise fee and investment for machines and equipment, dolls, and photo booth. It excludes rental advance and deposits, as the amount may vary from one location to another depending on the rates charged by the land lord.

II. How much royalty do I need to pay?
I-dolls does not collect any on-going royalty, but the Franchisee will have a minimum buying budget requirement per quarter, based on the franchised outlet’s target sales.

III. How do I set-up my store?
Within Metro Manila, the Franchisor will assist the Franchisee in setting up the store.

IV. What type of franchise is available?
I-Dolls offers Single Unit Franchises. However, the Franchisor sees to it that each site will service the optimal population and target market to make the business viable.

V. Who looks for the locations?
Usually, the Franchisee offers or proposes the store location subject to our site assessment and analysis. We may also look for the site or suggest a location for the approval of the Franchisee.

VI. What other support can I expect from I-Dolls?
Other than the support provided during the set-up of the outlet, we will also provide on-going support and assistance. You will receive periodic visits from your franchise representative who will also act as consultant in inventory management, customer relationship, and answer any questions you may have. We also provide a continuous supply of I-Dolls products and continuous development of products and services.

VII. How shall we promote I-Dolls?
We will provide guides on how the store should be promoted to create awareness within the area. In addition, we will also have system-wide marketing that will benefit all units in the country.

VIII. What is the duration of the agreement?
The initial term of the Agreement is 3 years, renewable for an additional option of 3 years.

IX. What is my next step if I want to get an I-Dolls franchise?

Send us a Letter of Intent stating your desire to invest in an l-Dolls Franchise. You can expect a call from us within 3 days after we receive the LOI. If you have a proposed site, please include description and relevant information of the site that you have selected.

For Franchise Inquiries contact:

I-Dolls by Animaland
1400 President Quirino cor. South Superhighway, Manila
Tel: (02) 563-7881, 562-6365
Email: [email protected]

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