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IDD Celfone Station Franchise

We have a clear direction and sharp corporate strategy for a world-class company focused on long term growth and profitability. Armed with the right business logic, we have focused on building partnerships and alliances with leading telecom providers and major distributors of recognized celfone brands.

Franchise FAQ

Q: How much is the initial investment?
A: The franchise fee is P 250,000 for a kiosk and P 500,000 for a full store exclusive of leasehold improvements and inventory.

Q: Why franchise? Why not put it up myself?
A: A time-tested system and successfully proven method that was borne out of painstaking research, trial and error, formal and informal education is your best bet for success. 80% startup businesses die within the first 2 years. Franchise business, however, have a 90-95% success rate of surviving.

Q: Why celfone and not something else?
A: The celfone industry in our country is still in the sunrise stage. We have a population of 88 million, bigger than the population of a number of European countries combined. Only around 40 million Filipinos have celfone units or a penetration rate of 45%. Advance economies have penetration rates of 120% – 150% meaning they have more than one celfone per person. We still need to put 48 million more celfones in the peoples hands not to mention that they need to replace their old units every two years or so. And the population is growing. The prospects are staggering.

Q: Where else can I make money out of this franchise?
A: The areas of profitability (profit centers) are four fold: (1) celfone handsets, (2) accessories and batteries, (3) prepaid and electronic loads, and (4) celfone repairs. The possibilities of making a fortune in this texting capital of the world are immense.


Franchise Office
Alamosa Gold Drive, Villa del Sol
San Fernando City, Pampanga
Tel: (045) 961-4089
Fax: (045) 963-9583
CP: 0918-9151401
Email: [email protected]