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La-Z-Boy Furniture Dealership


  • No. 1 Furniture Producer
  • Top Furniture Brand
  • 84 Years of Pioneering comfort
  • World Renowned Quality

FAQ for a Strong and Competitive Investment

What is the criteria for site selection?
Preferred sites are areas with high visibility J and with nigh end traffic inside malls and ‘ ground floor of commercial buildings.

What it the size of the outlet?
The La-Z-Bcy Gaffery should have a ; minimum size of 90sqm to 120sqm.
How much are we expected to spend on j advertising?

  •   You are expected to spend 1% of monthly gross sales on local advertising and  promotions.
  • A contribution of  1% monthly gross sales shall also be remitted to us for system-wide corporate advertising and development.
  •  This will be used for newspaper ads and other promotional activities.

What is the term of the La-Z-Boy Gallery dealership agreement?
The term of the agreement Is 5 years, renewable tor another 5 years.

Whet are the next steps?

  • Letter of intent stating that you desire to open a La-Z-Boy Gallery Dealership.
  • The address and area stee ol your proposed sites. Description of the site’s immediate environment in terms of traffic generators.


Phone: (02) 470-9185/9170
Email: [email protected]

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