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Larry & Maui Diner Franchise

Franchise Overview

1. What are the qualifications for Larry & Mau Diner Franchisee? • Self-Driven, Enterprising with Entrepreneurial Skills • Service oriented and Hardworking * Motivated to pursue long term goals

2. Who may apply for franchise? Individuals, corporations and/or associations may apply. In case of a corporation/group or association, all director must sign the Franchise Agreement.
3. How much investment is needed and what does this cover? The franchise package ranges from Php 5.0 to 7.0 Million. This includes the Franchise Fee, site renovation, equipments, furniture and fixtures, signage and pre-opening expenses. This may vary depending on the location and actual construction costs.

4. How many years is the franchise fee applicable? The franchise granted is good for Five (5) Years and is renewable every 3 years for Php 200,000.00

5. What Fees are required? The franchise fee is Php 500,000.00. However, a continuing license fee for the duration of the franchise are: A). Royalty Fee – Five Percent (5%) of Net Sales (after VAT) B). Marketing and Advertising Fund -One Percent (1%) of Net Sales (after VAT)

6. What is the ideal floor area requirement? The recommended floor area is 80 to 150 square meters.

7. Is there a standard design for the restaurant? Yes. Cortez/Ai-Jona provide: the standard design, lay-out, equipment and facilities needed.

8. What about the location? The applicant proposes the location, then, Cortez/Agana evaluates and assess. The applicant may have the option to request Cortez/Arjona to suggest a location based on applicant’s preference.

9. What are the products to be sold and materials to be used? Cortez/Arjona will provide all proprietary products and supplies. All other materials shall be procured in accordance with the provisions of the Franchise Agreement.

10. What other services will be provided to the franchisee? Cortez/Arjona will provide assistance on the following: Hiring – applicable within Manila Area and nearby Cities Only. Pre-construction plan, 30-day hands-on Training of Key Personnel and Rank & File Personnel, Operations Manual, Equipment Procurement, Pre-post Marketing plan. Also, a continuing periodic visit of the management for operations and other concerns.


G/F Two Ecom Center, Mall of Asia
Eton Centris, Quezon Ave., Q.C.
Call: 0920-9243044
Email: [email protected]

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