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Lyf Center Beauty & Wellness Franchise

Lyf – Established to offer a tranquil ambiance for holistic sanctuary of health, beauty and wellness, LYF center perfected efficient systems and processes using effective products towards services that make a difference. LYF center offers skin treatments, spa services and slimming regimens for male and female alike. These treatments are anchored on holistic wellness which exudes beauty and health. It maintains its philosophy of celebrating life through harmony of the body, mind and spirit through an experience of inner serenity and bodily comfort in an external environment fit for human nature. LYF Center provides for an experience that values the gift of life!

Little Lambs – A unique concept of a medical spa for children, Little Lambs Pediatric Wellness Place is a pioneering concept of a spa and salon for children with a medical and scientific orientation. Owned by a pediatrician who is also a pharmacist and a mom who is a certified instructor of the International Infant Massage Association, Little Lamb’s has therapists who are midwives, nursing aides, or caregivers who were specially trained to handle infants and children. Little Lamb’s has raised the benchmark of a kiddie spa by ensuring the medical value of its services. Little Lamb’s has reinvented Well-Baby consultation and pediatric services as it provides an ambiance which is child-friendly, where even immunization is feared no more. Little Lamb’s creates a lifestyle for kids to cherish… forever.

The Franchise Advantage:

  • Synergy of two (2) credible and reliable brands which are distinct and unique but complementing products and services for the entire family;
  • Affordable investment in a wellness-driven concepts that are medically proven and have changed lifestyle and are meant to be a growing and sustainable global and local demand
  • Evidence-based skin and spa regimen that are non-invasive but guaranteed to bring results
  • Operational systems that are developed and perfected by business and industry experts
  • Continuous product development and systems improvement backed up by technological and medical researches and studies
  • Creativity and innovativeness that ensure competitive advantage
  • Reliable Franchise Development Team that guarantees hassle-free start-up and stress-free turn-over, with continuous monitoring and consultations

This concept is the ONLY franchise package that co-brands TWO enterprises in ONE system that is very Filipino in its family orientation… but very global in its wellness concept.


Unit 9 Timog Commercial Complex
Timog, Quezon City
Phone: (02) 376-6593, 413-4478


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