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Makobobi Trucking Franchise

The 1st Trucking Franchise in the Philippines.

Franchise Inclusions:

  • Use of Tradename and Transfer of Trucking Business System.
  • Franchisee’s Truck Automatically Accredited to our Corporate accounts
  • Minimize Pilferage
  • Administrative Assistance
  • Cash Monitoring / Cash Advance
  • Payroll
  • Encoding and monitoring expenses per truck.
  • Updated Monthly Summary of SOA.
  • 30 days Terms P.O. for Diesel Consumption.
  • Monitoring of gas / fuel consumption in terms of operational route assigned to franchisee’s truck.
  • 24/7 on Call Coordinator for Truck Routes.
  • Use of Parking with Minimal Charge.
  • Manpower Support / Training of Personnel. (Recruitment and Selection/ Hiring of Professional Driver with required Driver’s License Restriction)
  • Franchisee can provide their own Driver, “in terms of “TRUST ISSUE”
  • Franchisor can assist on Selection Process of Hiring.
  • DRUG TEST required
  • 3-4 weeks Comprehensive Operational Training.
  • Truck Mechanical Support
  • Monitoring PMS, Repairs and parts to be purchased by company and billed to franchisee.
  • Company Mechanic also has the proper recommendations and assist the Franchisee in terms of cost requirements for truck.
  • Labor Fee, depends on Truck Diagnosis.
  • 30 days Terms P.O. for Accredited Auto Supply.
  • Initial 6 sets of Uniform.

Contact Details:

+632.8737.93.63 (Landline)

ONE E-COM REGUS 4th Floor REGUS Unit 2C,
One E-Com Building, Ocean Drive,
Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay City
FB Page: Makobobi Trucking Franchise
Email: [email protected]

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