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Marzan Healthcare Diagnostic Center Franchise

Marzan Healthcare Diagnostic Center is complete diagnostic health center with Ambulatory Services that provides personalized, comprehensive, affordable and high-quality patient-care program equipped with well-trained medical professionals and top of the line modern diagnostic equipment.

Franchising Program

A way to extend the opportunity to others and provide quality medical services to more people in need.

A Manner to share the blessings through Franchising Program at a cost lower than the industry dictates that entails affordability and consideration with full and exclusive support from Marzan Pharma Corp and other business partners in the Pharmaceutical and Medical Industry.

In safeguarding the business profitability, Marzan Healthcare created this program that entails affordability and consideration through the following:

  • Lower Investment
  • Open Area or Pioneering
  • Lower in cost and better margins for consumables
  • Guaranteed Markdown on Marzan Healthcare’s business expansion program
  • Better Assessed Rate
  • Guaranteed one (1) Term renewal of contract (upon reaching company’s required performance)
  • Signage (containing company’s name and Logo)
  • Full Assistance in securing legal documents and DOH accreditation

Marzan Healthcare also developed a “One Scheme Franchise Fee Program”, wherein our business partners has the freedom to choose the best location they intent, to position their Marzan Healthcare Diagnostic Clinic.

This scheme implements – One price policy of franchise fee to all potential areas such as near or within the hospitals, near markets and other volume selling areas, drugstore, inside mall stores or convenient store type of outlet.

The franchisee will start Approximately 3 months, upon securing all necessary documents, and completion of stocks.

  • The total initial investment shall cover the following:
  • Franchising Fee
  • Renovation
  • POS or Point of Sale
  • Signage

Estimated initial Cost of Operational Expense or COPEX (Estimated COPEX are projected to the following:

  • 2 month rental estimated
  • Estimated salary of medical personnel and clerks for 2 months
  • Utilities and other expenses
  • A fixed and reasonable Royalty Fee will be based on Monthly Gross Sales and additional percentage for
  • advertising Fee will be based on Monthly Gross Sales


100 Malakas St., Quezon City (Back of Philippine Heart Center)

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