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Masatami Shave Ice Foodcart Franchise

Masatami Shave Ice is a dessert food made from ice finely shaved into a consistency slightly more dense than frost and mixed with flavored syrup. Most snow cones are made with crushed ice, whereas shaved ice is ground further and have a smoother consistency similar to snow. The syrup added to the ice soaks into the densely packed shavings and does not sink to the bottom, creating the frozen treat.

Masatami Shave Ice uses the latest technology in making different flavored ice blocks and syrups. It is just like ice cream, but in the form of shaved ice. Add some sweet syrup and some toppings like fresh fruits and you’re bound to have a sweet ending to your delicious meal!

Investment inclusion:

  • Brand awareness
  • Quality control
  • Business operation system
  • Raw materials supply
  • Training
  • Ad & promotional support
  • Product development


Super Ice, Inc.
Tel. (02) 687-4373, 0922-8672489
Email: [email protected]


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