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Medline Pharma Distributorship

Medline Pharma & Gen. Merchandise Inc. is a Filipino-owned national drug trader and supplier with five years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry. We are a company committed to improving the lives of Filipino people by providing better access to high quality and affordable pharmaceutical products and generating business opportunities for fellow Filipino people interested in becoming sub-distributors in their respective regions.

Our rapidly expanding product line consists of ethical/prescription drugs among which are antiallergics, anti-infectives, antihypertensives and analgesics.
Guided by our core values of dignity, integrity, transparency, consistency, respect, competence and professionalism in business, our mission is to become the most trusted and sought-after trader-supplier of high quality and affordable drugs and medicines in the industry.

Medline Pharma is inviting you to be part of our growth and success. Explore your opportunity to do business with us either as a distributor or freelancer in your area.

We are looking for regional distributors who can exclusively carry our brands in selected regions. If you are a drug distributor or freelancer interested in partnering with Medline Pharma to propel your company’s development, Medline Pharma can provide you with support and value added services to help further your growth. Start an excellent and highly profitable business with the support of Medline Pharma.

Contact Medline Pharma for more information
Telefax: (02)4331724
Landline: (02) 4668120
Mobile: +639328699714
Email: [email protected]

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