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Meiyi Herbs Remedy and Creations Spa Essential Franchise

We are awarding distributorships and we call them our Sales Agents, who operate from a facility exclusive dedicated to our brand and service a territory for retail and reselling through resellers, which we call stockists.

As a Sales Agent you receive either a City, Province or a specified geographical Territory of which you have to be a resident. To start the Distribution Business, you may need a capitalization of 1.5 Million Pesos to set up the store and for initial inventory of 10,000 pieces of MEIYI HERBS REMEDY/ CREATIONS SPA ESSENTIAL products.

Sales Agent is allowed to supply Stockists, who help the Sales Agent in selling the products to a wider population.

Stockists as we officially call Reseller, are small entrepreneurs, who like to sell products in their Barrio or their place of work and can make additional income to their main source of livelihood.
A stockist purchases the products from the Distributor and has to spend only for 100 pieces of MEIYI HERBS REMEDY/ CREATIONS SPA ESSENTIAL products to be in business by himself.

As a stockist you can co-brand the MEIYI HERBS REMEDY/ CREATIONS SPA ESSENTIAL products also with other brands in the Cosmetic and beauty sector and you sell MEIYI balms/ Creations Spa Essential for the health benefits to your clients.


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