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Monster Franks Gourmet Sausages Franchise

When Monster Franks started the sausage revolution, there was no such thing as gourmet sausage, no Andaway and Hot Link with chili con carne, no Jalapeno and Weisswurst with parsley in cheeses and relish, no “Meal-size” sausage served in a stand-alone kiosk. Sausage and hotdogs was basic and boring and truly unimaginative. Monster Franks changed all of that. Our gourmet franks is made the old-fashioned way coarsely-ground with love, care and only the finest, freshest ingredients imported from Canada; it is made the new-fangled way reflecting contemporary cuisine, new health concerns and a desire and demand for more flavor and value in every bite. A variety of toppings and dressings can be added at no additional charge.

We offer you the widest selections of gourmet sausages that go beyond your traditional expectations.

Our mission is to serve the world’s greatest meal-size gourmet sausages. We will carry the spirit of the stadium to the boardroom, the supermarket and the streets – wherever people work, shop and stroll.

No matter what your choice, you will know that you are getting the finest sausage made by one of the great sausagemaker.

Franchise Information

MONSTER FRANKS Franchise will range from P400,000 to 2M depending on the size of the store and its location. Setting up your own business is hard work. And often you have to go through trial and error to perfect your business model, operating style. The road to establish a trade name is a grueling ordeal and as such only few survive in these times of global economic crisis. Monster Franks started this hard labor during the first few months of operation. Fair enough the ROI was achieved in just 5 months since its first inception. By using its own internal revenues from our growing number of repeat customers, without any financial support or bank loans, the business was able to grow and expand.

The company’s internal revenue has generated enough resources to create these company assets consisting of a full-service restaurant, production factory, commissary, foodservice machineries and equipments, a couple of company owned units. After this 2 solid years we have finally decided to share our blessings, for the first time Monster Franks is now open for franchising. As our franchisee, you will have the opportunity to make the short-cut and minimize risks by just riding on with our success. As our business partner, we are behind you, every step of the way.

MONSTER FRANKS Franchise Package includes:

  • Use of Monster Franks distinctive brand name, logo and image
  • Supply of Monster Franks principal products
  • Training and support
  • Construction project management
  • Store Opening Assistance
  • Regular Visits And Guidance
  • Planned Marketing Programmes


Harold O. Yongco
Landline: 032/5122264 / 032-2682264, Cell No. 0927-5699799
E-mail: [email protected]

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