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Moose Grill Franchise

Moose Grill is in operation for almost 9 years, since 2004. We provide great dining experience family and friends will appreciate our place. Let us serve you.

We cook your food upon order, we preserve the freshness and quality of your food therefore we do not serve pre-cooked food to our customers.

Most of our food are good for two persons. We value your money as we value our food. We serve it to you in right quality and quantity.

Affordable dining is our concern, we provide what you paid for. quantity and quality match our price, that’s why we have lots of regular customers that keeps on coming back.


G/F Royale Place Bldg.
Don antonio Drive, Diliman
Commonwealth Quezon City
Tel: (02) 294-5768
Sun: (0922) 8392-555

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