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More Than Just Desserts Franchise

Yogurt Ice cream is a flavoured frozen food is made up of yogurt, milk, sweeteners stabilizers emulsifiers and water. And Crepes are made by pouring a thin liquid batter onto a hot flat circular hot plate, often with a trace of butter on the pan’s surface, and then folded with different fillings inside. Not many know that these desserts can be considered as a complete meal. It contains nutrients such as proteins carbohydrates and calcium.

Nowadays, people have been very keen in managing their money and the food that they eat. In terms of spending their money wisely, people are looking into the quality and cost that comes with every product.

Our introduction in the yogurt ice cream business started when we put up several soft served ice cream kiosks in 2003. After years in the soft ice cream business we decided to venture into the newest craze in ice cream, Yogurt and at the same time we added one of our favourite dessert in our menu, Crepe. Hence MORE THAN JUST DESSERTS was created. The desserts that we are offering compliments each other and that it caters to a wide array of clientele. After researching and studying the process of producing yogurt ice cream and crepe, we have made it possible to make our yogurt ice cream and crepes to be very affordable and world class quality.

JUST DESSERTS offers product that of are excellent in quality and taste at the same time very affordable.

Nature of Business: To manufacture, process and sell Crepes and waffles
Package cost: P 150,000.00
Down payment P80,000.00. Remaining Balance of 70,000.00 to be paid upon signing of contract.
Franchise duration: Two (2) years
Renewal fee: P 65,000.00 / 2 years
Cart dimension: 1 x 2 meters (Cart type)

Package Inclusions:

  • Use of the Trade Name & Marks2. Business Operations System
  • Mobilization Set-up ( NCR )
  •  Cart and Signage
  •  Equipment, Booth/ cart and Small Wares
  • Marketing Support
  • Operational and Technical Support
  • Contract Duration: Three (3) years upon signing of contract


Elery and Girlie fernandez
Globe: 09175236927
Email: [email protected]

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