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My Potato Treats Franchise

A long standing tradition of dipping fries in to ice cream separately is now over. My Potato Treats franchise combines these two to give customers the most satisfying snack experience one can have.

​Filipino families have completely embraced flavored fries as a staple snack which led to a plethora of potato brands in the Philippine market. My Potato Treats franchise answers the call to be different by offering a unique “Fries Cream” experience. Freshly fried Belgian fries is covered with generous amounts of a signature soft served ice cream will surely tickle anyone’s taste buds. If you are looking for a one-of-a-kind potato experience, look no further! My Potato Treats franchise is guaranteed to excite its customers and franchisees! The unlikely marriage of freshly-made Belgian fries and soft served ice cream results in such a blissful offspring, that it’s already a replacement for ketchup. That is what My Potato Treats franchise ensures. A unique and fulfilling snack experience that will keep you coming back for more.

Franchise a unique snack business that would shake the very foundations of the food industry with My Potato Treats franchise! Inquire now to get the complete potato fries experience.

Franchise Details:

Franchise Fee: Php 80,000

Total Investment:

  • Flavored Fries & Juices: Php 234,000
  • Fries Cream: Php 350,000

Space Requirement: 2 – 4 sqm.


U-Franchise Sales & Management
Tel: (02) 8634.0586/3717
CP#: 0920.983.0247; 0917.881.6999
Email: [email protected]

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