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Purefresh Nasa Water Vendo Franchise

NASA Water was the first to offer Automated Purified Water Vendo Machine in the Philippines and has installed over 350 units nationwide. NASA Water offers Easy Payment or installment Plan. Through its very low down payment which is 10% of the total Franchise Fee Package, everyone can start a business and earn unlimited income.

Franchise Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the feasible locations for this vendo machine?
A: Residential areas, hospitals, condominiums/dormitories, call centers
and etc. approved by the NASA Water Site Inspector.

Q: What is the actual size of the vendo machine?
A: The size is 85cm. x 80 cm. x 195 cm in height.

Q: How many liters of purified water does your vendo machine can
produce per day?
A: The machine can produce 1,000 liters per day.

Q: What are the packages you offer in Franchising?

  • Free installation,
  • one (1) year comprehensive warranty for electronic parts
  • provide flyers
  • conduct promotion party to be scheduled after the installation
  • provide one (1) year DOH Operational Permit for free and 1st month

Bacteriological Test Certificate and three (3) years Maintenance
Contract with the Franchisor.

Q: Do you offer Installment Program?
A: Yes, you can start franchising from 10% of the total Franchise Fee as
down payment, balance is payable up to three (3) years. Installment program
is supported by the Malayan Bank.

Q: Do you have contract in franchising?
A: Yes we have a SEVICE CONTRACT. This contract stipulates the
service maintenance to be handled by the Franchisor (repairs and
maintenance of the machine, collection of cash boxes and replacement of parts
including consumable parts.) The Franchisor will charge 18% from the
monthly gross sales as Maintenance Fee.

Q: What is your estimated rate of consumption for water and electricity?
A: It will consume an estimate rate of 10% of the gross sales.

Q: What are the duties and obligations as a franchisee?

  • Provide one (1) meter x one (1) meter space
  • allow vendo machine to operate 24 hours daily
  • provide raw water supply and electric supply
  • secure other business permits as per required by a certain location where the machine is being installed
  • The franchisee will shoulder the monthly cost of P350.00 for Bacteriological Certificate conducted by the DOH accredited Water Testing Laboratory.

Q: What are your procedure for cash box collection?

  • The schedule of coin box collections depend on the sales
  • Only the staff of the Franchisor has the right to collect the cash box with Franchisee’s representative to witness the collection
  • The box will be stored inside the Franchisor’s counting room and will be opened and counted with Franchisee’s representative.
  • Electronic counter is used in counting the coins.

Q: Is there a royalty fee?
A: Yes, to provide for the reasonable return for the use of the Franchisor’s
name, concept and systems.


#48-C Samat St. Bgy. Sto. Domingo, Q.C.
Hotlines: (02) 412-1313,  (02)7 42-1313
Telefax: (02) 742-6658
Email: [email protected], [email protected]


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