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NumberWorks ‘n Words School Franchise

NumberWorks’nWords was established in 1984 and is one of the world’s longest-running tuition providers. From New Zealand, the franchise operation has expanded to include Australia in 1989, the Philippines in 1997, and England in 1999.

Today the worldwide business is owned and operated by Maurice Smith, Anne Smith, Sarah Simons and Dr. Ralph Wesseling. The tuition model caters for 11 levels of the school curriculum and NumberWorks’nWords centres collectively deliver more than 100,000 lessons every term. Our non-stop support systems ensure that every centre operates smoothly and profitably.

NumberWorks ‘n Words helps students with math and English/reading/grammar through one-on-one tutorials, and uses materials that complement those used in local schools for primary and secondary education.

Interested in becoming a Franchisee

If you love teaching, but also want the flexibility and rewards of working for yourself, you’ve come to the right place.

Purchasing a NumberWorks’nWords franchise is the way to ensure you get the students, learning systems and support you need for ongoing business success.


Cubao NumberWorks’nWords Phone (02) 772 4655
Katipunan NumberWorks’nWords Phone (02) 442-5547
Taguig NumberWorks’nWords Phone (02) 846-6268
Alabang NumberWorks’nWords Phone (02) 807 6294 / 772 4655


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