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OilGiant Gas Filling Station Distributor

The future: “in house” filling stations

We at OilGiant see a future wherein most entities will have “in house” filling stations to service their fuel requirements. Company vehicles will no longer have to buy fuel from conventional gas stations. These entities will be able to buy fuel at prices at par or even better than franchisees of conventional gas stations.

A rich, untapped market

These “entities” are…

  • Local Government Units (LGU’s): Barangays, Municipalities, Cities ;
  • Private Companies: Delivery Trucks, Generators, Employee Vehicles;
  • Malls, Commercial Compounds, Industrial Zones, Plantations;
  • Construction Firms – For their heavy equipment;
  • Exclusive Villages, Condo Associations;
  • Country Clubs and Resorts;
  • Transport Firms: Trucking Companies, Bus / Jeepney Terminals

DISTRIBUTORS! Tap this great business

  • Your profit margin will be better than gas station owners
  • You don’t need employees because the entity uses their own employees to run the filling station. Oilgiant will deliver the fuel for you!
  • You can have several of these “filling stations” at the fraction of the cost needed to build a conventional gas station.
  • Fuel quality is at par with the major oil firms.
  • Sell the equipment to the target entity at a profit!

Do you have a target customer?

Do you know of any entity that will benefit from an OilGiant In House Filling Station?
If your answer is yes you can be an OilGiant distributor! There are many Entities that need an In House Filling Station but aren’t aware of its availability. This is such a big opportunity to cover a largely untapped market. As a distributor, you will also be given the exclusive rights to your target entity.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How do I become a distributor?
Once you have identified your target entity. You will choose which particular set up that is best suited for that particular entity. a) Above ground tank (AGT) and pump  P185,000: Reconditioned 15,000 liter tank AGT and a dual hose mechanical pump is used. The AGT is not allowed for retail. This is strictly for company use only b) Underground Tank (UGT) and pump  Approximately P300,000. Reconditioned 15,000 liter UGT and a dual hose mechanical pump. This set up can also be for retail purposes. c) Mobile Refueller Approximately P550,000 Reconditioned 5,000 liter tank with a built in meter. This is strictly for company use only  not for retail.

We will supply the fuel at our wholesale price  you will determine how much you want to sell to your customers.

Are AGT’s safe?
Absolutely! It is still currently being used for retailing in the U.S.A. and other developed nations. The AGT set up has been in use for decades. The Department of Energy (DOE) used to allow it for retailing but was banned it for aesthetic reasons. It is only allowed for company use.

I prefer a conventional / stand alone gas station, can OilGiant set up one for me?
We can set up conventional / stand alone gas stations as well. It will have to be a UGT set up as AGT’s are no longer allowed for retailing — No Franchise fee . Our competitors charge a minimum of P1 million for a franchise.

How much do I earn?
You can earn as much as large gas stations without having employees to man them. Distributors don’t need to have employees at the filling station because the entity handles it. Oilgiant also handles tank truck deliveries so there is really very minimal legwork on the part of the distributor The wholesale price to distributors will be P1.00 to P3.00 per liter below conventional gas station prices. Its important to note that franchise holders of conventional gas stations only make P.60 to P.80 per liter .

What if my target entity goes direct to OilGiant?
Once you have become an OilGiant distributor,you will be “protected” . We will not entertain customers that you are already dealing with.

How do I maximize my profit margin?
The best customers where you can get the highest margins are industrial accounts or companies that require a credit line. Companies that ask for 7, 15 or 30 day payment terms typically buy fuel at a MUCH higher rate. On the average your margin can be as much as P1.00 per liter. You have to be picky on which companies to give a credit line – you want to get paid in the end!

How long before I recover my investment?
You can actually sell the equipment to your target entity for a profit so your only capital is the fuel which will be used immediately by your target entity.

What are the requirements to put up the filling station?
If the filling station is for company use only, there is typically no requirements other than what the company imposes.

For retail stations — the Department of Energy (DOE) requires prior written notice before you start building a gas station. We can help you with the paperwork.


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