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P55,000-P90,000 Food Cart Franchise (All-In)

The investment in a franchise carts and kiosk is affordable.   This includes the equipment, build out cost and franchise fee. Term of a typical franchise is about 5 years and renewable. To provide continuous support, there are service fees like a percentage of gross sales. The average nowadays is 5%, which is paid to the franchisor. As for the supplies, there are franchisors where certain items known as proprietary are bought from the franchisor.

E-Concept Business Consultancy
Tel: 706-3239, 440-8077

  • Meaty Burgers & Hotdogs, Tropical Flavored Shake, Waffle House Madness, Pacman Balls on Stick, Corn D. Queen
  • Franchise package: P55,000

Metro Foodcart Business Corp.
Tel: 687-6609, 914-1094/0439/4163

  • Authentic Japanese Corn, Sisig Rice Box, ETC Float, Mighty Joe’s Footlong, Tokneneng, Mighty Soft Ice Cream, Mighty Burgers and Hotdogs, Sho-mai Pao, Mang Juan Mais’san, Wang Balls, Squidballs, Mighty Flavored Shake
  • Franchise package: P65,000

KJA Global Franchising Company
Tel: 714-5585, 381-1977, 409-3290

  • HongKong Fried Noodles, Dimsum Bowl
  • Franchise package: P88,888

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