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PHLPost offers Postal Station Franchise to the Public

The Philippine Postal Corporation (PHLPost) is now offering a Postal Station business opportunity for as low as Php25,000 as start-up capital.

Having the most extensive network and experienced postal system in the country, the Postal station is a facility established and operated by a private individual, entity or local government unit for the purpose of performing postal business and sale of any related products and services specifically authorized and enumerated in its accreditation issued by PHLPost.

Aside from the marketing equipments and initial stocks, the training is included in the starter package when you franchise a postal station.

“The good thing here is you can start with a small capital. And choosing a right location with a stable market, postal station is a brilliant idea,” Ms. Marianne Calayo, owner of Postal Station in Malabon City, said in a statement.

There will be a 20% rebate on total sales of postage stamps and other merchandise supplied by PHLPost.

PHLPost will not only proliferate in every corner of the country but will also be able to help many individuals establish a stable business to stimulate economic growth.

For those who are interested to start a Postal Station business, please contact Ms. Dada Marquez, head, Marketing, PHLPost Mega Manila Area at (02) 527-0135.


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