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Pier One Bar and Grill Franchise

“Pier One.” It’s not all in the name…then again, the name is one you will never forget. Its Metro Manila branches are made up of remodeled shipping container vans piled up on top of another while the Subic Bay and Boracay Island branches give you a taste of enjoying the Pier One experience by the beach. Here at Pier One Bar and Grill, we provide fine dining in a casual atmosphere, enjoyed by families and friends.

Our beef and seafood are delivered fresh daily, from which our chefs prepare our exquisite menu and our soups and sauces as well. Our menu is built on traditional Filipino dishes like Sinigang Na Hipon, Crispy Pata, Kare-Kare, Sisig, Inihaw na Liempo, Inihaw na panga ng Tuna and we’re continually adding new dishes like Oriental Prawns, Chicken Rolls, Chicken Carbonara, Grilled Salmon Salsa Verde, Oyster Platter, Spicy Shrimp Cocktail, Bacon Asparagus, Sushi, Sashimi and many more to awaken your taste buds. We have also added skippers’ kids menu so that your kids can also enjoy the Pier One experience.

With our proven system of operations and commitment to the success of entrepreneurs who believe in our distinct business concept, investing in a Pier One franchise is better than starting your own independent business.

FAQ’s on Franchising

1. How many years has Pier One been in existence?
Pier One has been in existence for six years. The first Pier One Bar and Grill opened in August 2000, and we have been franchising since then.

2. How many units are currently in the Pier One system and what of that number are franchises?
There are currently seven units in the Pier One system, six of which are franchised and one unit is company owned.

3. What other items do the units sell?
All Pier One Stores sell a wide selection of Filipino dishes and a few international dishes to cater to foreign tourists. We also sell a wide selection of bar drinks that made Pier One popular. Merchandising items like caps, fishing hats and t-shirts are also available for souvenirs.

4. Is there a training program, and, if so, what type of training will I receive?
Yes, upon the acceptance of your franchise agreement and prior to your store opening, you will receive comprehensive training, an informative and intensive 5-day training session for the crew, management trainees and owners, that covers every aspect of operations including purchasing, merchandising and product knowledge. This takes place in our main office combined with a practicum at one of our leading storefronts.

5. What are the services a new franchisee receives from Pier One Bar and Grill Holdings Corporation before a store opens?

  • Assistance in purchasing of all equipment & fixtures to reduce complications and numerous suppliers or contractors.
  • Design & set up of the location for ease of operations.
  • Product selection and mix for the location market.
  • Comprehensive training for the franchisee.
  • Preparation for the store opening.

6. Who selects the location of my store?
Each Franchisee must select his own location. All potential sites must be submitted to Pier One Corporate office for approval.

7. What is the investment required?
The Investment for a franchised Pier One store depends on the business model most suitable to the site chosen by the franchise applicant. Franchise Fee is P2M inclusive of VAT. Total investment ranges from P8M to P17M depending on:

  • a. Type of store: mall type or stand alone store
  • b. Size of store

8. What is the length of my franchise agreement?
The initial term of the franchise agreement is ten years and renewable at 50% percent of the prevailing franchise fee.

9. Who will design my store?
Pier One will furnish you with a floor plan, sketch and basic specification of the store. Your architect will be responsible for customizing the basic plan to the dimension of the proposed location under the supervision of our in-house architect. The final design and plan must be approved by Pier One.

10. What pre-opening services do you offer?
Prior to opening, Pier One Management Team will assist you with hiring and training personnel, ordering equipment and initial inventory. They will also be responsible in arranging for the Store Opening.

11. Is the Franchisee required to purchase all his supplies needed from Pier One?
No. We will give you a list of items that we require all our franchisee to purchase from our commissary and a list that you may purchase from other sources.

12. Why should I purchase a franchise?
The primary advantage of franchising is that it substantially reduces risk. Statistics indicate that in excess of 80% of independent owners ultimately fail whereas franchised owners enjoy 90% survival rate.

Other significant advantages include:

  • a. The buying power and consistent product quality that is available from the franchisor
  • b. The ability of the franchisor to secure preferred locations.
  • c. The “by-the-numbers” training and operating formula that has resulted from years of development.
  • d. Affiliation with a growing national chain that provides the name recognition and quality identification associated with widely recognized franchised concepts.
  • e. The initial and on-going support of a franchisor who succeeds only to the extent that his franchisees succeed.

13. How soon after approval can I expect to open my store?
That primarily depends on the availability of locations in the area you have selected for your store. In some areas, sites have already been chosen, which substantially reduces the time involved.

14. What experience do I need to operate a Pier One Store?
The primary qualifications are financial stability and capability combined with a demonstrated work ethic and a desire to succeed. The character and motivation of the franchisee is considered more critical to the performance of the business than prior business or retail experience as our extensive program and store assistance will prepare you to operate a Pier One store.

15. Do you have a comprehensive operations manual for the operation?
Yes. Our confidential OPERATIONS MANUAL details the Pier One system on every aspect of the daily operation. We have the Servers Manual, Bussers Manual, Dishwashers Manual, Reception/host Manual, Line Cook Manual, Pre-cook Manual, Bartenders Manual.

16. Do you require hands-on Management from the Franchisee?
We prefer hands-on management but not required. Franchisee may hire professional Management Team which will be trained by us.

Contact Details:

Pier One Bar & Grill Holdings Corp.
1402 Centerpoint Bldg. Garnet Rd. cor Julia Vargas Ave.
Ortigas Center, Pasig City, Philippines
Telefax: (+632) 636-5175
E-MAIL: [email protected]

20/F Penthouse 2, Centerpoint Bldg.
Garnet Rd. cor Julia Vargas Ave.,
Ortigas Center, Pasig City, Philippines
Telefax: (+632) 631-6762

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