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Quick Dry Wash Franchise

Waterless Carwash Center

Are you aware that Car Wash shops are everywhere and almost in every street. Having a different concept of car wash such as waterless, will be a big potential for entrepreneurs. In a Traditional car wash it takes 2-3 hours in cleaning the car with a minimum of 2 workers while with the Waterless Carwash, it will only take 15-20 minutes to do the job with two workers.

Introducing Quick Dry Wash, it offers a better, quicker and more economical car express grooming packages – clean, wax, polish and extra sealant! It is a water-based, special polymer, pumas and Brazilian Carnauba wax car wash and polish. It is used for dirty, oxidized or everyday cars. It is completely biodegradable, non hazardous, V.O.C. compliant. It is silicone free and petroleum free. It makes older car looks brand new.

With P7,500.00, you can have a 5 gallon Quick Dry Wash that can wash a minimum of 200 cars. That’s approx. P37.50/car! Traditional carwash centers charge P60 – P100 depending on the car size. And sometimes, they charge more than that based on the location or area

You can charge customers the same as the price of traditional car wash or a bit higher since they save time and from having their car wax every 6 months, car waxing cost P300 and higher. Since this product is also a paint maintenance or paint protector.

Let’s say, u have 5 gallons which cost you P7500, and you were able to wash 201 cars. And you charge P70 for small, P85 for medium and P110 for large autos.

  • 67 small cars x P70 = P4690
  • 67 medium cars x P85 = P5695
  • 67 large cars x P110 = P7370

TOTAL of P17,755 less the cost = P10,255

There’s also other ways of doing business with the product. You can do mobile carwash, so you can save from rental of space. Or simply distribute the product to other car wash centers.


Inclusive of:

– Use of Trade Name
– 5 Gallons of QUICK DRY WASH product can wash at least 200 cars
– 10 micro fiber applicator
– 10 sprayers
– 2 crew uniforms
– Product tarpaulin and flyers
– 2 days training and manuals
– Promotion, marketing and technical assistance
– Additional 5 Gallons of QUICK DRY WASH will cost P7,500 (available only for franchisee)

Executive Distributorships per area are welcome. For instance that a distributor is from Quezon City, all sub distributors in Quezon City will be referred to the QC distributor.


– includes 11 franchise package and for the next order of products.
– it will only cost Php5, 000/gallon instead of Php7,500.00

Contact Person:

Honeylet Reidy
Tel: (02) 419-7495 / 0918-4472195