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Reyes Barbecue and Food Franchise

For the young modern Pinoy urbanite who craves for the taste of a great barbecue meal, Reyes Barbecue is the preferred barbecue meal because it serves the traditional Filipino barbecue with a new twist on an already superior taste profile. Reyes Barbecue meals are generously portioned with the classic Java Rice, Peanut Sauce, and Atchara, at reasonable prices, making the dining experience highly satisfying.

“Our barbecue came from four generations of perfecting barbecue by a cooking clan whose past time is to discuss and create the best food preparations. The clan pioneered the best food combination majority of Manilans grew up with- the Barbecue with Java Rice served with the famous Peanut Sauce and Atchara on the side. The smell of what’s cooking on our grill will bring you in, and we leave the rest to your eating.”

Franchise Information

Franchise Fee

We want our fee to be very competitive at the moment as we are concentrating on increasing visibility to promote our brand name Reyes Barbecue.

Franchise Fee : one-time payment of P300, 000.00 payable upon signing of franchise agreement.

Monthly Royalty Fee : 5 % of Gross Sales

What does Reyes Barbecue offer in exchange for the franchise fee ?

  • Business Model with successful track record
  • Use of Brand Trademark and Goodwill
  • Commissary System – Standardized Products
  • Unified Visual Merchandising Design and Look
  • On The Job Training
  • Manualized Operations System
  • Management and Operations Team to Support Franchisees

How much is the total investment ?
You will need about P1.5M to P2.5M (inclusive of the P300T franchise fee) up depending on the location, area and extent of work to be done on the store site.

What is the floor area required ?
Free standing/dine-in outlets require a minimum of 30 to a maximum of 100 square meters

Who will manage the day to day operations of the store ?
We are just offering you the use of Reyes Barbecue brand name and the business model with successful track record that goes with it. For a successful franchise, diligent day-to-day supervision is essential and this is the responsibility of the franmchisee.

Who is your target market ?
Core market is AB and Upper C. However, we’ve observed that the CD market has also been patronizing our stores due to the nature of our product which is “mainstream comfort food”.

How many personnel are required ?
For two eight hour shifts : 1 manager/supervisor, minimum of 7 crew/staff
Additional crew depends on the expected volume of sales

What is price range ?
P57.00 to P150.00 per meal

What is the expected bottomline income and return of investment ?
Bottomline NIC of 4-30% depending on the overhead, rent, sales volume and the management of operating costs. This may translate to an ROI of 1-2 years, again, depending on many variables.

Who sources the location, franchisor or franchisee?
The franchisee shall be responsible for looking for his own location. The franchisor, if the franchisee is qualified, may give the franchisee-prospect a letter of authorization to apply for the said space using the brand name Reyes Barbecue. The location must have a potentially high traffic, to support a high probability of 1 to 2 years return on investment ; otherwise it shall most likely be rejected.

I want to put up a Reyes Barbecue outlet in any SM Mall, how do I apply? Do I apply to Reyes Barbecue or directly to SM Leasing ?
SM only deals with franchisors. You don’t need to go directly to SM Leasing. Reyes Barbecue is already in SM’s preferred/accredited brand name list. Just submit a Letter of Intent to Reyes Barbecue indicating your preferred SM location and we will notify you as soon as SM advices us of an opening.

Can the franchisee be a corporation ?
No, the franchisee must be a natural person.

What are the sites that you don’t recommend ?

  1. Except for Ayala malls, sites where an over-all lease charge is on a percentage of rent above 18% of net sales.
  2. Sites where more than 50% of the market are from Class D and E.

Do you accept franchisees with no business experience ?
No. We are not in the business of teaching people how to run their day to day businesses. We are in the business of rolling out a very viable business model with partners who have the right resources and experience. However, if the franchisee is the owner of an approved site, he/she will be considered, even if he/she has no business experience.

Contact details:

819 B- Torres St. Mandaluyong City
Engr. Frank Reyes
Tel: 726-9725, 724-7626
Mobile: 0906-5781264
Email: [email protected]

updated: 30Jan2014