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Sari-Sari Store Clothing Franchise

The year was 1985, when four enterprising young cousins from the venerable Ocampo clan decided to forego their awaiting opportunities in the family owned appliance and jewelry stores, and pursue their art.

This art found as its canvas the ordinary T-shirt. And their gallery took its form as a tiny boutique on Pasay Road in the heart of Makati, Metro Manila?s central business district. These handpainted T-shirts began to sell at a frantic pace, and soon the cousins needed to develop simple coordinates to match the shirts, such as bags, shoes, accessories, and other clothing pieces.

Having found that their creative endeavors had evolved into a full fledged fashion business, they now needed a name. And out of family loyalty, and to uphold the family motto, Ocampos for Everything. They called their little clothing shop: Sari-Sari Store, after that traditional little neighborhood store that sells everything.

Pretty, wild, kooky, chic, and fun no one would ever run out of style once she enters Sari-Sari Store. Its eclectic pieces and accessories always seem to charm the Filipino taste in fashion. Sari-Sari Store carries a brand where one could go fashionably outrageous, simply graceful, or unreservedly sexy and it wouldn’t matter at all as long as they’re created by Sari-Sari Store’s style authorities. In the simplest of terms, its ever-growing success has made it one of the most influential fashion brands in the country.

For interested franchise applicants, please send your contact details and letter of intent through [email protected] or fax (632) 9101359.

Maarni Ocampo
Tel:(02) 914-4252 to 53
Fax:(02) 910-1359