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Seoulgyupsal Unlimited Korean Grill Franchise

Seoulgyupsal is a Korean Restaurant offering Unlimited Grill of Pork, Beef and Chicken.Along with the unlimited 14 types of meat and counting, we also offer 9 unlimited side dishes, rice, soup, japchae, steamed egg and lettuce; all unlimited and UNLIMITED CHEESE. Also, Seoulgyupsal offers unique dipping sauces which surprisingly go well with meat. Seoulgyupsal aims to continuously enhance its menu, and as a recent addition, we are also offering JAPANESE MENU such as tuna sashimi, California maki and Spicy Tuna roll. We will not stop in innovating and updating our offerings to satisfy and meet the demands of our target market. Seoulgyupsal started in 2017 with the vision to offer affordable and HIGH QUALITY KOREAN GRILL with various choices which are unique from the existing offerings in the market. The company prioritizes EXCELLENCE IN SERVICE to ensure that all customers would experience the BEST KOREAN GRILL in the metro. Seoulgyupsal is MORE THAN JUST KBBQ and WE ARE HERE TO STAY.

Seoulgyupsal is now one of the best rated UNLIMITED KOREAN GRILL RESTOS. It has two branches, the Banawe branch which started last December 2017 and the Tomas Morato branch which just opened this October 2018. To date, the company has 57 dedicated employees.

Currently, the company plans to expand in strategic locations to be able to cater to more customers and to tap other markets.

Franchise Details

Franchise Fee: P1 Million
Inclusive of:

  • Use of Trade Name and Proprietary Marks
  • Location Approval
  • Training
  • Procurement Program
  • Opening Assistance
  • Operations Manual on Loan
  • Research and Development

Total Capital Requirement: P6.5 Million
Initial Term: 5 years
Continuation/Royalty Fee: 5%
Required Space: 120 sqm minimum


Ms. Kyra Ong
42 Metrofocus Bldg., Tomas Morato, Quezon City
CP#: 0917.6299882
email: [email protected]

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