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Surex Express Courier Service Franchise

Sure Express Franchise Overview

SUREX is the logistics service retailer of Skynet International Express (SIE). Through SIE’s partnerships with the United States Postal Service (USPS), SUREX provides on-time delivery of courier and business services at extremely competitive rates with the highest security.

  • access to very household in the USA
  • handles 48% of the world’s card and mail volume
  • delivers more than 200 billion pieces of mail a year
  • transports mail by air ( 15,000 commercial airplane flights/day), trucks, railroad, boat and even by mule to and from the bottom of the Grand Canyon.
  • Pays billions a year primarily for air and highway transportation costs ($4 billion in 1999).
  • Operates a transport and delivery fleet of 202,000 vehicles
  • Drives 1.1 billion miles a year to deliver to 134 billion delivery addresses.

If you want to be part of this exciting logistics retail service, consider the SUREX Franchise Program. The SUREX franchise program provides a turn-key package where a business becomes available to an entrepreneur. The SUREX franchisee is in business for himself but not by himself. He is given the support gained by SIE and United Sates Postal Service in its numerous years in the logistic industry.

Furthermore, this business is not just a courier business. It is a business center with the backing of the world’s biggest postal service systems.

We are committed to our customers and franchisees. Our commitment to our customers is to provide high value logistics services at the highest level of quality and extremely competitive prices. Our commitment to our franchisees is to provide all the opportunities for business success.

The Surex Franchise Support Program

Franchising has on many times been compared to a marriage. In order for a marriage to work, there has to be a mutually strong commitment to each partner. Beyond just promises, we deliver on the following support mechanisms:

Site Selection
Even at the start of a relationship, we carefully evaluate the viability of the venture. Data are provided by the applicant on specific criteria that we have tested over the years.

Supply Source
Our principals have the most stringent of standards on the presentation of the business. We have methodically screened the best supply sources that give the best value for your investment.

Training Assistance
Our globally experienced staff will provide the training to equip the franchisee with the know how to run your business properly. Additionally, we will constantly visit your site after opening to see to it that standards are maintained and support goes beyond the planning of your business.

Advertising materials
Professionally prepared advertising materials have been developed to enhance brand recognition. These are made available to franchisees to ensure uniformity of brand development.

Web-based & Proprietary Software
We have developed a system where our business is monitored using the latest in technology. Our system allows our customers to identify the location of any item in transit.

Help line
We have dedicated help lines that allows customers and business associates to reach us during business hours, Mondays thru Saturdays. Click here for our help line numbers.

As an alternative to telephone access, our website is also available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Visit us at and

Our proprietary materials are covered by an extensive catalog that details available to all franchisee free of charge.

At SUREX, we believe that there is always a better way. We tirelessly look for ways to make the business better. Of course, the improvement is made available to all franchisees!

Contact details:

Tel:  (02) 867-8070/8055/8056/8078/8079, (02) 534-7747, 533-2551
Email: [email protected] for customer service
[email protected] for franchise inquiries
[email protected] for general inquiries

updated: 11/4/09

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