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Taho Station Franchise

Taho Station Company, duly registered with the Securities & Exchange Commission on November 2004, is a business engaged in marketing and distribution of Soy based products. It is dedicated to promote to Filipinos the enormous benefits of Soy foods with its Soy Protein and Isoflavones. Taho Station aims to improve their clienteles quality of life by making Soy based products such as Taho (solidified soy milk), Tokwa (tofu), Soy Milk, etc. economical, pleasant, and most of all, clean and appetizing to eat.

Business Outlook

The strength of Taho Station is its business simplicity and product quality, compared to most food cart businesses in the market place. But most of all Soy based product business, particularly Taho and Soy Milk, is an age-old traditional business that existed in Asia for hundreds, if not thousands of years. It is not affected by fad, business trend or season. When established and properly maintained, it is expected to provide continuous income.

  • Business Package Available: Php.150,000 up to Php.350,000
  • Inclusions: Php.250,000 up to Php.700,000 worth of Products & Merchandise
  • Everything required for Taho Station business

Contact Information:

J. V. Nava, CEO & President
PPFS Inc. for Taho Station Co.
Cel. No. 0908-8642590
Landline: (02) 3305580
Email: [email protected] or [email protected]

updated: 7/2/2010


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