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Teriyaki Boy Franchise

Twenty years ago, owing to the need for money to continue his studies in political science, Espino took to mopping floors and washing dishes at a popular fast-food joint. This led him to choose a different calling, as Espino quickly climbed the rungs of the fast food joint�s ladder: from dishwasher to cashier, from cashier to manager, and finally, a leader tasked to open outlets in Davao and Vietnam. After twelve years, Espino left and went into the fast-food business on his own�and Teriyaki Boy was born.

Teriyaki Boy is definitely a fast food outlet; it serves food hot, fast, and with no frills. But the restaurant still retains a fine dining ambience. Their anime logo is a perfect representation of the kind of restaurant that Teriyaki Boy is: hip, funny, and boisterous.

Although Japanese cuisine is popular in the Philippines, many diners rarely go beyond the usual tempura, sukiyaki, and sushi dishes. As a result, they miss out on a lot of equally delicious, but lesser known dishes. Teriyaki Boy�s extensive menu is designed to whet Filipino appetites and interest them in trying out home-cooked Japanese meals. Teriyaki Boy goes to great lengths to serve excellent Japanese cuisine, sourcing only the best ingredients and adhering to traditional Japanese cooking techniques and recipes.

Diners at Teriyaki Boy have fallen in love with its signature boneless Teriyaki Boy Chicken. Teriyaki Boy uses state-of-the-art Japanese cooking equipment to prepare the chicken, locking in its natural juices, and cooking the chicken all the way through while maintaining its tenderness and juiciness. It is served with the signature Teriyaki Boy Sauce, an exclusive Japanese recipe that takes several hours to prepare and results in a delectably sweet sauce with hints of subtle flavors.

Teriyaki Boy continues to redefine the preconceived notions of Japanese cooking. Their mouth-watering line of curry dishes can be served ala carte or as rice toppings. You can also satisfy your cravings with your favorite Gyoza in homemade Ramen.

Teriyaki Boy has recently made additions to its menu. For starters, try the Edamame�the beans of boiled soybean pods, perfect as appetizers. There is also the Scallops Seafoods Kakiage, which is a bowl bursting with mixed seafood, fresh scallops, and vegetables. Also among their new offerings are the Yaki Buta, skewers of grilled pork loin in special Yakibuta sauce; the Liver Nira Itame, saut�ed vegetables with chicken liver and pork strips; and the Tonsai, layers of thinly sliced pork and Chinese cabbage served with dipping sauce.

Teriyaki Boy has branches in Madison Square, Tomas Morato, Glorietta 3, at the Chef�s Avenue in Festival Mall, and soon, in Baguio City.

Contact Details:

2nd Flr. La Panday Center, 2263 Pasong Tamo Ext.
Makati City
TELEPHONE: 894-2000 / 812-0651 Loc: 172 or 173
Fax: 894-3385 / 894-3385
E-MAIL: [email protected]

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