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Tong Yang Restaurant Franchise

Tong Yang, a very noticeable bistro along the district, stands out among the rest of similar establishments. Occupying quite a formidable space, Tong Yang’s colorful but simplistic design draws the inquisitive individual inside its doors.

Tong Yang Restaurant is actually famous for its hot pot concoctions. Known to many as the “shabu shabu,” diners have complete control of what they want to eat and how they want it cooked.

The restaurant’s history can be traced 20 years ago in Binondo where the Go family opened the Chinese restaurant, Mei Lin. Apparently the former restaurant was so successful that Jackson, the young entrepreneur in the family adopted a popular technique in Taiwan to enjoy food in the freshest way possible. The young couple, Alma and Jackson, now sees to the daily operations of the restaurant.

Restaurant co-owner Bobby Garcia is likewise well-versed in relating the history of the place. He relates that with the first-ever Tong Yang branch in Megamall, the business showed promise, thereby prompting the owners to put up several branches in key areas around the city. Currently, the restaurant has five branches. The busiest branches can be found in Megamall, Quezon Avenue and Jupiter.

Trade Name: Tong Yang Corporation
Franchised Offered: Single Unit Franchise
Format: Restaurant
Category: Food & Beverage
Initial Investment: Php 4,000,000
Contact Person: Mr. Renato Garcia
Contact No: 373-8621/23
Address: 1498 Quezon Avenue, Quezon City
No of Units: 10
Target Franchise Area: Metro Manila , Visayas, Mindanao

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