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Trafficsalon Hair Salon Franchise

Trafficsalon started July 15, 2004 with only two stylists, Now we have four stylists, all duly trained abroad with our head stylist being the Ambassador Schwarzkopt, one of the leading brands in hair technology. We are currently expanding our business through franchising.

Trafficsalon is committed in giving excellent service to our clients. We are committed to always adhere to most updated styles when it comes to haircut, color and nail services. After three years in salon business, we are proud to say that in San Juan, Ortigas and Mandaluyong area, we are the leading salon.

As of now trafficsalon is compromise of 18 employees, including the most experienced stylist and colorists trained abroad and here in the Philippines.

Franchise Information

Franchise Fee: P500,000.00
Inclusive of:

  • Trade Name and Proprietary Marks
  • Site Approval
  • Training for Franchisee, Hair Stylists
  • Procurement Program
  • Marketing Assistance
  • Opening Assistance
  • Operations Manual
  • Research & Development

Initial Term 5 years
Capital Requirement: P1,800,000.00 estimated
Royalty: P20,000.00 per month
Required Space: Minimum of 80 square meter

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is your ideal franchisee?
The key attributes we are looking for are your capability and determination to learn the business and your willingness to take on the challenges of managing the business.

2. Who will provide the location?
You are responsible for securing your own location. All potential sites must be presented to us for approval.

3. What are the criteria in selecting a site for my franchisee?
We require a minimum space of 80 square meters to accommodate all services. Your franchised facility should be located preferably in high traffic commercial/residential areas.

4. How about the design, layout and construction of the facility?
So that you are assured of accurate and consistent compliance to tried and tested design specifications, you have it built by one of our accredited contractors. The outlet will be constructed at a cost to be shouldered by the franchisee. Expenses in acquiring building permits, professional fees and other incidental costs will be likewise shouldered by the franchisee.

5. Where do we purchase the equipment and supplies for the franchised outlet?
As a Franchisee, you are required to purchase directly from the Franchisor or from our accredited suppliers based on the specifications indicated in the Procurement Program.

6. How long will it take to recover my investment?
Financial viability depends on various factors such as sales, investment and ability of the Franchisee to effectively manage his expenses. This will be discussed further during the Franchisee interview.

7. Who does the hiring?
We will provide the franchisee with a set of hiring qualifications and will assist in the screening of potential employees.

8. Will you provide us pre-opening services?
Prior to and during opening, we will send you our representative who will assist you in the training of personnel and other arrangements.

9. What is included in the training program?
We accept no compromise when it comes to the quality of our services. It is for this reason that we require the Franchisee and his staff to undergo our orientation and training program.

10. How long will it take to get a franchised outlet operating?
Once the site has been approved, the franchise agreement signed and all the related fees paid, it will take approximately 60 days for your facility to be ready for operations.

11. Will you provide an Operations Manual?
Yes, we will loan you a confidential Operations Manual. This manual will guide you in every aspect of running your facility.


Celestina Chan
Unit 4 199 Wilson St., Addition Hills
San Juan, Metro Manila
Email: [email protected]
Tel. No. 7051472
Telefax No. 7218197

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