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Well Family Midwife Clinic (WPFI) Franchise

The WPFI, in partnership with its NGOs, will develop a fully functioning franchise system for the WFMC network. This system will oversee the development and operations of Well-Family Midwife Clinics in various parts of the country.

If you are looking for an opportunity to set up your own clinic, this may be the answer!

Who are qualified?

  • A registered and practicing midwife, with at least three to five years midwifery experience and performing a minimum of three to five deliveries per month?
  • 30 to 45 years old, with an outgoing personality and positive work attitude, and enjoying positive support from family?
  • Willing to provide family planning services?
  • A resident of community who enjoys good relations with other community members particularly the local health units?
  • Willing to invest start up capital to defray the costs of renovating clinic facilities and to procure counterpart FP/MCH clinic equipment and instruments to meet WFMC Operations Standards, as well as to cover initial expenses such as advance rentals and securing necessary government permits?
  • Willing to pay for trainings?
  • Willing to pay Franchise and Royalty fees?
  • Willing to undergo required psychological tests?
  • Willing to adopt new ideas towards entrepreneurship?
  • An effective communicator, able to interact with people and share the knowledge with others?
  • Committed to comply with program requirements, attend all training courses, record and report all important business and service performance information?

What are the Benefits of a WFMC owner?

  • The chance to have your own business and develop your entrepreneurial skills
  • The opportunity to receive technical and business training and continuing professional education
  • The chance to become part of a wide network of quality health care providers

The privilege to enjoy the following technical support:

  • Marketing and PR support
  • Access to affordable clinic commodities and supplies
  • Advice on effective pricing of products and services
  • Guidance for long -term profitability


Well-Family Midwife Clinic Partnerships Foundation, Inc.
Unit 1703, 17th Floor, West Trade Center
132 West Avenue, Quezon City 1104
Tel : (632) 426-7947 / TeleFax : (632) 426-7950
E-mail : [email protected]

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