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Yeeha Internetan Franchise

We are dedicated in providing first class service, excellent equipment at a price that is affordable to everyone. All of our employees receive full training in Customer Service and PC applications and we constantly inspect all Cafe’s to ensure that our cleaning standards are met and to make sure our customers are getting what they pay for.

At Yeeha Internetan, we believe in investing in people, we happily accept OJT (On Job Training) and do what we can to assist local Schools, Police and Fire Departments.

We realize the importance of good employees and we actively encourage them to better themselves in anyway that they can. If an employee shows themself as dedicated, we will offer assistance for them to go back to school and get more training in their field, its just one way that Yeeha Invests in its people

Franchise Information

If you currently own an internet cafe, or are thinking of opening a new cafe, then why not become a part of the Yeeha family?

If run correctly, an internet cafe is one of the few business that can generate a good revenue base and it will make a good return on investment.

We offer the tools needed to manage your business and maximize income but also minimizing overhead. All you have to do is follow the advice in the Yeeha Standards and Operational Procedures Manual.

Yeeha Internetan is constantly looking into new ideas and methods and doing all it takes to make all cafes profitable.

We have created good working relationships with major industry partners for Example, Microsoft, Intel and the such, all of the information and discounts we negotiate are made available for all Yeeha Cafes.

The main difference with our franchise is that we do not take a percentage of your profit. There is a simple monthly fee which is enough to cover administration, advertising, technical and operational support.


Yeeha Internetan
3rd Floor, Stc Building, N. Bacalso Avenue
Basak Pardo, Cebu City
Tel: (32) 484-8279

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