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Zerona Laser Slimming and Aesthetics Franchise

Zerona Laser Slimming and Aesthetics thrives on the fact that Zerona is the newest and by far the most effective and most unique technology for slimming today that originated from the US and is US FDA-approved. A consequence of the highly-creative business and medical acumen of Dr. Claudine Roura, FPDS, a pioneering and innovative icon in the field of cosmetic surgery and dermatology, Zerona Laser Slimming and Aesthetics’ comes from the roots of Dr. Roura’s other body contouring center, the Contours Advanced Face and Body Sculpting Institute.

While Contours slimming services is on the surgical side, Zerona is on the non-surgical part. Since its opening early this year, the facility enjoyed a favorable response from clients, becoming a favorite destination as a slimming and beauty center despite stiff competition.

Open for franchising.


5th Level , The Block North Edsa
North Ave., Q.C.
Phone: (02) 404-2384, 386-7193
Email: [email protected]


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